Babameto House

Rruga Shezai Çomo, 6001 Gjirokastër-Gjirokaster, Albania

Babameto House is an elegant 3 storey house. However its actually a composition of two dwellings built for two brothers.
The house is very close to the city Bazar.

The houses, built in 1885 and 1887, have different interior designs. The buildings were very expensive. The best masters and craftspeople, as well as materials were hired and used.

The house recently undergone a full restoration, done by the Cultural Heritage without borders-Albania and serves as a hostel and culture center. The restoration of the house served also as educational activity for young restaurateurs.

Facades: Wooden, Natural stone, Stucco work, ornamented
Epoch: Historism (1820 – 1918)
Construction year: 1887
Build status: Old building
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